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Our vision

The world is on the precipice of a green revolution. You can feel it, change is coming and people want it!

We have had this idea, for a week long series of events that celebrates the very best of what’s happening across Yorkshire, within sustainability. We are optimists and truly believe that deep down people are fundamentally kind and good – and if we’re given a path, we can dig our way out of this mess.

We really believe in the power of people you see. When people come together, we learn from each other, inspire each other and help each other.

We’re bringing you all together to do exactly that.

Here’s our secret formula, hidden in plain sight:

  1. A start up event – we want to support and celebrate the start up’s within our community, so we’ve brought together Pitch it Green. The perfect opportunity for our start up’s to share their vision to an audience of supporters and investors.
  2. A women’s event – Embrace Equity in Sustainability – women have a unique role to play in a sustainable future. See, women are disproportionately affected by climate change and women are also one of the most crucial parts of the puzzle, because we know that when you support a woman, she shares that support with a whole community. If you want to celebrate women, you’ll find our Embrace Equity event a perfect fit
  3. A two day conference – these big things always need a good old conference! Here’s how our conference is laid out:
    1. INSPIRE: This year you’ll see us bring to life an ‘INSPIRE’ stage full of really cool speakers, well known individuals or organisations will take to the stage to share their journey’s and their positive visions for the future!
    2. ACTION: Our panel discussions are going to be action led and outcome oriented, filled with senior leaders from across anchor institutions, corporates and SMEs paving the way in the green revolution. We’ll be focusing on the UN SDG’s to ask 2 very important questions:
      1. The vision: where are we at? Where do we want to get to by 2030? How can Yorkshire supercharge this?
      2. The skills: what skills gaps do we need to address in order to meet our 2030 goals and what are we going to do about it?
    3. LEARN: we’ll have a host of other talks enabling you to learn something new about the green economy covering:
      1. Going green from the start
      2. New economic models of the future
  1. A secret business lunch – okay this event is a little bit special. Decision maker only, you have to apply to buy a ticket. We’ll be curating a very special room of leaders from across Yorkshire’s business community to come together in commitment to building stronger relationships for the benefit of the green community. Apply here 
  2. Our closing ceremony – The Big Green Gathering – the final chance to come together and celebrate what will have been a truly epic week. Relaxed networking with other like-minded peers who care about doing good business to begin the evening, then some very special announcements, followed by a paaaaaaartaaaay! Dance the night away with your peers and celebrate just how far we’ve come and where we’re going next!


By the time we get to the end of YSW24, we’ll have strengthened Yorkshire’s Green Economy like never before and this is just the start.

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